Behind the Scenes

We’ve Been Busy Behind the Scenes: Exciting Updates from Plants Planted

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at Plants Planted! Discover the exciting updates and improvements we’ve made just for you

Summer Plant Care: Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Thriving in July

Keep your indoor plants healthy and vibrant this summer with our essential care tips. Learn how to adjust your watering, increase humidity, and protect your plants from the intense July sun.

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants: Health, Happiness, and Beyond

Discover the multitude of benefits indoor plants bring to your home or office. From air purification to mood enhancement, learn how plants like the Peace Lily and Golden Pothos can improve your life.

Creating a Green Oasis: The Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Transform your small space into a green oasis with our top indoor plant picks. Discover which low-maintenance, space-saving plants are perfect for your cozy home.

Meet Our New Plant Additions: Golden Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos

Introducing our newest plant stars, Golden Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos, starting at just $16. Elevate your indoor gardening with these stunning, easy-care varieties.

How to Care for Your Monstera: Tips for Thriving Tropical Plants

Master the art of Monstera care with our essential guide. Learn the secrets to perfect lighting, watering, and more to ensure your tropical treasures thrive indoors.

Grow More, Pay Less: New Shipping Rates at Plants Planted

Discover Lower Shipping Costs at Plants Planted! We're rolling out new shipping rates to make it easier and more affordable for you to grow your indoor garden. Now, enjoy shipping for just $3.00 on orders under $49, and absolutely free shipping on orders over $50. Grow your green space without stretching your wallet. Join us in our commitment to making plant care accessible to all!
Air-Purifying Plants

The Best Plants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Transform your home into a healthier living space with our top plants that purify the air. Discover how the Peace Lily, Monstera, and other easy-care plants can enhance your indoor air quality.
Affordable Gardening

Why Choose for Your Indoor Gardening Needs?

Discover why is your best choice for purchasing indoor plants online. With our competitive pricing, high-quality plants, USA-based operations, and dedication to customer satisfaction and sustainability, we're here to help you create your ideal indoor garden effortlessly and affordably.